NCAA Women’s Basketball to Create a NIT-Like Tournament

The NCAA announced Monday it is creating an additional tournament to the round of 64 tournament called “March Madness.” It is creating A NIT (Not In Tournament) like tournament like what the men’s association has for women’s basketball in the NCAA. Now, the men and women’s teams has the same amount of postseason teams to make the tournament, either NIT or the round of 64 playoff teams. The women’s teams that do not make the tournament will play in the WNIT, women’s teams not in tournament.

NCAA to implement a NIT-Like Tournament for Women's Basketball.
Credit : Jessica Hill / Associated Press

Seton Hall’s coach Tony Bozzela had some opinions on it saying, “A lot of people are saying the new tournament is great for women’s basketball, but I’m not sure it is. With the WNIT and NCAA we had 132 teams, now we have 100. Is it better for basketball, we will see. The new WNIT will also lessen the financial burden on teams, making the powerhouses like UConn having a better chance at maybe not getting the highly touted prospects because of NIL. The NCAA said they will come up with a selection committee, host sites, bracketing principles, and the selection process later this summer.

Jamie Boggs also had some additional detail on the new tournament, the WNIT, “Women’s basketball is at an all-time high with records being set for national championship and Final Four viewership and the tournament was the most-viewed since 2009. This tournament will create an additional NCAA-funded postseason opportunity for women’s basketball and it comes at a time when we are seeing tremendous growth in popularity for women’s basketball.”

The new women’s NCAA tournament, the WNIT, will start this 2023-24 season.

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