Oregon St., Washington St. Looking to Rebuild Pac-12 Conference

Oregon State and Washington State are the two leftovers in the Pac-12 following a massive exodus from the conference. Eventually, notable teams like Oregon, USC, Washington, and UCLA are heading to the Big 10. Additionally, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Arizona State are leaving for the Big 12. Lastly, Stanford and California are heading to the ACC. As conference realignment completely changes the landscape of college football, one of the biggest questions raised is what the future holds for the Pac-12.

Possible Merger with The Mountain West?

Recently, Oregon State and Washington State filed a case to have complete control over the Pac-12 and its assets, according to AP News. Realistically, the Pac-12’s only two options are to rebuild the conference with new teams or merge with an existing conference. The hearing for both schools’ lawsuit against the Pac-12 will be on November 14.

“At issue is who gets to decide what happens to the Pac-12 between now and when 10 schools officially leave for their new conferences.”

Currently, the NCAA will recognize the Pac-12 as a conference for the next two years thanks to a grace period granted by the NCAA. Yet, the two schools will need to apply for waivers to compete in various championship events. According to Action Network’s Brett McMurphy, the two schools are looking to continue the conference by merging with the Mountain West.

Time will tell what happens to the Pac-12, but what’s for sure is college football will never look the same. With a massive shakeup in conference alignment and the introduction of a 12-team college football playoff, the NCAA will be ushering in a new era of college football.

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