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Red Sox Winter Weekend: A Breakdown

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This weekend, the Red Sox hosted their annual Winter Weekend in Springfield, Massachusetts. Winter Weekend is an all-around fan convention, which allows fans to meet and interact with current and former Red Sox players, along with coaches and staff. This is the first time the event has been held since January of 2020, right before the pandemic started. So it has been a while since Red Sox Nation has had the chance to interact this closely with the Red Sox. And interact they did. Here are some takeaways from this weekend.

Red Sox Fans Are As Passionate As They Come

The Red Sox decided to hold a live Q&A with some prominent members of the front office. The members of the panel included: John Henry, Sam Kennedy, Chaim Bloom, and Alex Cora. It didn’t take long for fans to express themselves. The panel was met with a sea of boo’s as they took the stage. And the crowd didn’t let up for the remainder of the show.

John Henry seemed to be the primary target of the heckles. Henry didn’t say much throughout the Q&A, but when he chipped in on the conversations, the angry crowd made sure to voice their opinions as well. One of the most notable lines from Henry was in response to a question regarding ticket prices when he said “It’s expensive to have baseball players”. This was met with a roar of boo’s.

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Chaim Bloom has had a very polarizing tenure in the Red Sox front office. As chief baseball officer, his most notable moves have been trading Mookie Betts and letting Xander Bogaerts leave. While he has had many other great moves within his time, the crowd let him have it. There were times throughout Bloom’s answers that he had to stop momentarily to let the crowd quiet down from the jeers. However, Chaim took it like a champ. He wanted to let Red Sox Nation get their time to speak up and have their voice. And I think their voiceds were heard loud and clear.

The Red Sox Aren’t Done Making Moves

If there’s still one concern regarding the Red Sox, it’s the roster. The shortstop situation gets more blurry by the day. Kiké Hernandez is suspected to be the starting shortstop on Opening Day due to the loss of Trevor Story. However, Chaim Bloom has made it clear that more moves are coming this offseason. With shortstop being a main concern along with the rotation still needing another arm, it will be interesting to see what moves are made.

Trevor Story hinted at the idea of returning in 2023. While the Red Sox front office stated that they are not banking on a return this season, Story seemed adamant on returning in 2023. He also stated that he plans on playing shortstop in his return. 

Chris Sale also expressed his desire to contribute this season. Sale, who has been on and off the IL in recent years with many different injuries, is ready to start the season and is looking to contribute more than ever. According to @jcmccaffrey on Twitter, Sale went on to say: “I owe my teammates the starting pitcher they thought they were gonna get. I owe the front office the starting pitcher they paid for and I owe the fans the performances that they’re paying to come and see.” It’s clear Sale feels he needs to step it up this season, which is all you can ask from him.

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