Time for Frank Reich to Go?

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, head coach Frank Reich and general manager Chris Ballard
Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, head coach Frank Reich and general manager Chris Ballard at Reich’s introductory press conference. Photograph-Michael Reaves/Getty Images

After another disappointing loss in Jacksonville where they got shut out, the Colts are now 0-1-1 to start the year. After the Blunders last year and mediocracy the last few years, there leaves one question left to ask. Is it time for Frank Reich to go?


The Colts lost again in Jacksonville, and it wasn’t even a competition. Without Michael Pittman and Shaq Leonard, the Colts look like they might be in some trouble. What was even more shocking was the way JT was used. Jonathan Taylor was barely featured, and only had about & touches in three quarters. Being one if not the Colts best player, he needs to get the ball. It almost seems as if Reich tries to outthink himself some games.

Some of his issues

One of the things that have bothered me for a while now with Reich is his passion. He could love football more than anyone in the world, but you would never know. He has a blank expression on his face at all times. While this is good and professional, it goes a bit overboard. I saw him have the same look losing to Jacksonville 24-0 as I have in almost every game now. You do not need a yeller and screamer to succeed, but when the coach has no juice, it can rub off on the players.

Last year the Colts needed to win one game in their last two to make the playoffs. After beating the Cardinals in Arizona with almost everyone hurt, they lose to the Raiders the next week and fall apart in Jacksonville after. How that team doesn’t make the playoffs is insane, and while Wentz had his faults as well, Frank Reich did not make things any easier.

There has been so much change in the Colts since his tenure there. While they may have had a new QB every year, he signed off on most if not all of them. While some were better than others, it always ended the same it seemed like. The Colts would have a good if not great roster, never win the division, and either not make or lose in the first round of playoffs. Every game too, the blame seemed to bounce around from Rivers to the O-line to the defense to Wentz and so on. Everything has basically been flipped around on the Colts, and one thing is left that is starting to become a glaring issue around Indianapolis and for Colts fans.

Time to go?

With the mediocracy that seems to just come gushing out of the Colts last few seasons, it might be time for the Colts to move on from Frank Reich. While he has been a semi good coach, he has not taken this really good (besides the WR that are okay) and talented Colts team nowhere. With everyone else gone and moved on, it might be time for the Colts to find a new head guy. I have no Idea who this could be, but there are a few good offensive minded coaches out there that could take the job. To whoever the next coach may be, all I ask is three  things:

Please Inspire the guys to play hard and finish games, please give Jonathan Taylor the damn ball, and please quit losing in Jacksonville.

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