Where Do The Red Sox Go From Here?

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The Red Sox Are Now In The Post-Bogaerts Era.

There is no way around it, the Red Sox have no direction. The Red Sox’s “top priority” in Xander Bogaerts just found a new home in San Diego for the next 11 years. They have lost two franchise players in the past three seasons, and could be making it three next season with Rafael Devers. And after a last place season along with no real path for success, it’s tough to even say that there is a way out of this hole.

The thought of Bogey leaving Boston was looming over everyone’s heads all season. Especially after Spring Training when the Red Sox insulted him by offering $90M with one more year tacked on to his contract for $30M, then went on to sign Trevor Story for $140M for six years.

When the offseason arrived, it was rumored that the Red Sox sweetened their offer to Xander. At the time, no numbers were released. But it sounded promising that the front office was making more of an effort to keep him in Boston. It sounded even more promising on Wednesday when talks between Xander and the Red Sox were reportedly coming close to a deal. But when the news broke that the Padres landed Bogey, it left many wondering just how badly the Red Sox got outbid. Turns out, it wasn’t even close. 

The Red Sox’s reported offer to Xander Bogaerts was $160M for six years. While the AAV of roughly $26M a year is much of an improvement from the Spring Training offer, the Red Sox were still not willing to break over $200M. If Xander was given this offer during last Spring Training, it’s safe to say he takes it. 

The Padres Gave Xander An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse.

To be frank, the Padres overpaid for Xander Bogaerts. Paying a player $25M a year until they are 41 years old is just a bad idea. However, the Padres found their target, gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and got him. Simple as that. The Red Sox claimed Xander was their target for a year, then continued to insult him with non-competitive offers until he eventually left. If you are a Red Sox fan, you are not upset with Xander for leaving, you are upset with the Red Sox for letting him leave. 

In a tweet from @PeteAbe on Twitter, Xander said in his press conference with the Padres that he thanked the Padres for being so “straighforward”.

Tweet via @Pet

As for now, there is a giant hole at shortstop. Whether that means the Red Sox are moving Trevor Story back to his former position (which would most likely lead to injury given his arm has decreased) or going after a remaining free agent shortstop like Carlos Correa. While signing Carlos Correa looks better on paper, given he is 28 and has slightly better numbers than Bogaerts, it’s still a bad look. If Correa was their top priority after all, then the Red Sox should’ve traded Xander at the deadline. 

Who Is To Blame?

Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, seems to be front and center of all of this. In his time with the Red Sox, he traded away Mookie Betts and let Xander Bogaerts walk in free agency. Overall a bad look. But while he is definitely not immune to any blame here, the fingers should really be pointed at Red Sox ownership.

The Mookie Betts trade was a product of Dave Dombrowksi and ownership spending lucrative money on big name free agents. Chaim came in at a bad time and had to follow orders, by trading Mookie. This trade was supposed to set us up to be able to pay our homegrown guys instead of having to trade them. But then Xander left. And now the Mookie trade looks pointless.

Red Sox Owner John Henry has not made a public appearance in four years. But within those four years, he has bolstered his portfolio by buying the Pittsburgh Penguins and selling Liverpool FC. Meanwhile, the Red Sox are left not being able to pay their own players. These big contracts are beyond Chaim Bloom’s control. Once we start reaching the $150M-$200M mark, it’s ownership’s decision to pay the players.

Where Are The Red Sox’s Priorities?

The Red Sox can’t make up their minds. Are we going to be a team who spends money? Or are we going to be a team who can’t figure out our priorities? It seems they have made it clear that they don’t seem to have any intention of paying their homegrown players. How does this look for a player form the outside? It definitely can’t look very impressive after this past year with Xander Bogaerts.

For now, we can only scratch our heads and wonder if the front office has any clear path in mind now that Xander is a Padre. And only hope that this giant hole at shortstop can be filled again soon. 

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