Biggest 2024 Big Ten Matchups With New Teams in the Conference

The Big Ten has been one of the top conferences with some of the best matchups, but with new teams added next season there are more big games coming. We always look for the Ohio State and Michigan matchup and Penn State against either of the former teams. These games always have an effect on which teams make the playoffs. Now the gauntlet known as the Big Ten just got harder. Which matchups can we look forward to and how will they affect the conference’s playoff chances?

Starting in 2024, there will be a significant change in college football. Two major conferences will expand, resulting in more big games during the season. The Big Ten will welcome Oregon, USC, UCLA, and Washington, an exciting prospect for the fans. Recently, the scheduled matchups for the 2024 Big Ten conference were released, allowing us to take a closer look at the most significant games involving the new teams.

Oregon vs Ohio State

Next season’s college football schedule promises an exciting game between Ohio State and conference newcomer, Oregon. Both teams have been among the highest-ranked for years, with Ohio State co-dominating the conference for several seasons along with Michigan. On the other side, under the guidance of coach Dan Lanning, Oregon has developed into one of the most well-rounded teams in college football. Fans can look for a very competitive brawl of a game here.

USC vs Penn State

The Trojans, like their fellow new arrivals from the Pac 12, will have a challenging schedule to welcome them into the Big Ten. Although they will play Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin. I look to their matchup with Penn State Nittany Lions for a must-see matchup. Penn State has been that team that can dominate most teams every season, but just can’t seem to get past Ohio State or Michigan. Now there will be a few more tough teams to get through if they want to reach a conference championship or playoff spot. I see the Trojans and Nittany Lions as being a must-see new matchup between an offensive powerhouse and a defensive-led but well-rounded team. USC has shown they are capable of putting up points but not good at stopping opponents from doing the same. Penn State is one of the most complete teams in the league that has a strong defense paired with an offense that doesn’t make many mistakes. It will be interesting to see which style will prevail when these two compete in years to come starting next year.

Washington vs Michigan

Washington’s arrival in the Big Ten sets us up for a shoot-out of a contest during the next season. It is highly probable that this game will be high-scoring. Jadyn Davis is predicted to be Michigan’s new starting quarterback while Austin Mack is expected to start for Washington if Michael Penix Jr goes pro. The current starters for both teams are highly valued prospects in the upcoming 2024 NFL draft. Regardless of starters, we have witnessed that both of these head coaches know how to keep their team competitive. I’m sure this will be an exciting game.

There are multiple other exciting matchups that we can’t wait to see next season. With the addition of these new teams, most conference games will be intriguing. If only to see how they compete in the Big Ten. Of course, we will be talking about others as time gets closer but these are just a few games we can’t wait to see.

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